Khud Ko Kar Buland

You can't stop destiny. But destiny can't stop you either.

Airtel One Touch Internet

It almost always starts with a held out finger. That's how our guardians made us walk our first step and later led us through our life. This routine but impactful gesture is brought to life in the new Airtel OneTouchInternet campaign. Only this time we guide our elders through unfamiliar territory.

Hated. Not Ignored.

Every cause has an effect. Bigger the cause, greater the effect. 
When truth is spilled out on breakfast tables, every morning, unabashedly asking uncomfortable questions and raising a voice loud enough to be inappropriate for breakfast conversation, it does become unpalatable for a few. 
And a tabloid that believes in filling its pages with nothing but this stark naked truth, chooses to embrace the hatred that follows, almost with gratitude. Because if being hated by a few means change, it is better than being loved by everyone. 

The campaign mirrors this belief of the newspaper and dramatises it in context of the hard hitting stories that have lead to change and also some hatred. But Mirror would rather be effective than comfortable.